The purpose of the ReflectHymn project is to reflect the glory of our Triune God in new music — excellent, singable melodies joined with biblically sound words — to be sung to the glory of God.

At present, we are concentrating on new tunes to go with existing words. We welcome any suggestions you have for hymns or poems that need new tunes. We are also working up our poetry skills, so as to contribute to this aspect of hymn writing.

Our goal for 2011 was to release one new song per month on this web site.

Work in progress

Visit us on Github, ReflectHymn/music to see the latest work in progress, or even to make a PR!

All hymns are CC BY-BC-ND-3.0 (click here for more details)

Also, please print the hymns, share them, sing them with your family, church, and friends.

Please print our hymns (without modifying them), and make as many copies as you want, give them to other people, sing them with your family, church, or any other gathering you can think up.

If you would like to alter, publish, make an arrangement, recording of, or otherwise change the form of the hymn in any way, please contact us for permission. We’d like to work with you!